If you want to make more pixels shine, you need more energy. The shorter battery life cost valuable points in the end. The large Surface Book 2 lands behind the 13 incher on rank 2 of the best notebooks. The impeccably processed 15-incher also offers a very long battery life, is really nimble and shows movies in pure image quality. Whether 13 or 15 inches – that’s a matter of taste.

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The case, beautiful display, plenty of steam and an extremely long battery life – the 13-inch Surface Book 2 13 deserves to be ranked number 1 on the best Windows 10 notebooks. Now Microsoft brings the model Surface Book 2 15 with a larger display and more powerful graphics chip. That would have to thrust his little brother loosely from the throne, right?

Microsoft Surface Book 2 – 13 or 15 inches?

The currently available 13-inch version is almost perfect for traveling: It is compact and compact, and not very heavy with a weight of 1,626 grams. And thanks to the detachable display, the device is not just a mobile computer, but a practical notebook tablet combo . But why is Microsoft now pushing a version only a few centimeters larger with almost identical technology? Quite simple: 15-inch devices are by far the most popular notebooks with a market share of 52 percent . 13-inchers, however, bring it to a market share of just 13 percent. Sure, that Microsoft also wants something from the bigger cake.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 15 with Fast 4K display

The case of the 15-inch model, like that of the small version, consists of a noble magnesium alloy; weighing 1,893 grams, it weighs exactly 267 more than the 13-inch model. But there is a display that offers almost 4 centimeters more work space in the diagonal – and more pixels: Instead of the already high resolution of the 13-inch model (3000×2000 pixels) shows the 15-inch Surface content with a whopping 3240×2160 pixels – ie almost in 4K resolution (3840×2160 pixels). So the 15-inch display of the new Surface is one of the best that the notebook world has to offer: it shows videos and pictures really sharp and with almost true to original colors (88.8 percent color fidelity).

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Surface Book 2 15: Strong graphics are enough for games

Inside, the Intel Core i7-8650U uses the same processor as the tested 13-inch Surface Book. So works the 15-inchers nimble, only marginally slower than the little brother. Class: In the keyboard housing Microsoft has planted the GTX 1060 a much stronger graphics chip, which can fall back on 6 gigabytes of graphics memory. So the Surface even shows games liquid – as long as there are no demanding titles like ” Battlefield 1 “. Sure: So that the Surface can access the computing power of the GTX 1060, the keyboard must be docked on the display. Otherwise, as in the 13 incher, the significantly weaker graphics chip UHD 620, housed in the processor, will take over the image reproduction.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 15 with a strong battery

More important than game power is on the way but the battery life. It moves at a similar high level when working with eight hours and 18 minutes as the 13-inch surface (eight hours, 32 minutes). Even with the video playback , the running time was just under seven hours considerable. But the 13 incher lasted more than two hours longer with a good nine hours.

Variants and prices of the Surface Book 2 15

In terms of processor and graphics chip, the offered Surface Book 2 does not differ: all versions are powered by Intel’s Core i7-8650U, the keyboard-mounted GTX 1060 series is series. The models differ only in SSD memory: It starts with the smallest version (256 gigabytes of memory) for 2,799 euros, the tested here 512-gigabyte version currently costs 3,299 euros. For the 1 terabyte version of the Surface Book 2 15, Microsoft estimates a hefty 3,799 euros.